Host: The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria
Date: April 24-28, 2017
Venue: Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos, Nigeria

About the Conference / the World Conference of Banking Institutes

The World Conference of Banking Institutes (WCBI) is a biennial global forum that brings together professionals from financial services industry and other stakeholders engaged in banking operation, education and training. There are estimated to be over 100 such organizations spanning across the globe that are engaged and focused mainly in the talent management and human capital development for the Banking and Financial Services sectors.

The first conference was held in Edinburgh, U.K. in 1975. Thereafter, there have been 20 WCBI conferences held in different parts of the world and the last edition was held in Seoul in 2015. Since its inception in U.K. in 1975, the major objective of the conference has been to provide a global platform for the review of achievements and emerging challenges concerning the functioning of Banking and Finance Institutes and their role in effectively supporting the Financial Sector’s Performance and Profitability.

Hosting Right to CIBN
Upon the successful bid for the hosting right of the 2017 World Conference of Banking Institutes (WCBI) in South Korea on the 7th of April, 2015, The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) was unanimously endorsed to organize the 22nd edition of the biennial Conference for all banking Institutes across the globe in Lagos, Nigeria by 2017. The WCBI serves as a veritable platform for the banking institutes to strategically appraise the achievements and challenges faced by the banking sub-sector globally and also effectively enhance the financial sector’s performance.

The hosting of the WCBI in Nigeria by Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) would promote innovative talent management strategies for the financial services; encourage strategic learning, cross fertilization of ideas and networking for value; promote investment and economic growth especially in the financial services industry; enrich access to information, knowledge experience and expertise of professionals from other jurisdictions; and provide unique platform for bilateral relations.

Background History of the World Conference of Banking Institutes

1 1975 Edinburgh, Scotland The Role of the Bankers Institute
2 1977 Johannesburg, South Africa Content and Control of Banking Institutes
3 1979 London, UK Qualifying Role of Banking Institutes
4 1981 Montreal, Canada Use if Banking Management Simulation as a Pedagogical Tool
5 1983 Harare, Zimbabwe Banking Education in Developing of Countries
6 1985 Stockholm, Sweden Institute of Bankers Role in the Development of Banking
7 1987 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Human Resources Development in Banking and Finance
8 1989 Washington D.C., USA Role of Banker Education and Training Management of Dynamic Change
9 1991 Paris, France New Frontiers in Banking
10 1993 Goa, India Banking Education and Training Management of Dynamic Change
11 1995 Taipei, Taiwan The Quest for Quality in Banking Education
12 1997 Dublin, Ireland Major Trends in Banking
13 1999 Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa Benefit the Customer by Learning from each other
14 2001 Kingston, Jamaica Globalization – Challenges and Opportunities
15 2003 Melbourne, Australia Staying Alive and Staying relevant: The Challenges for Banking Institutes Globally
16 2005 Rome, Italy Innovation, Culture, Change
17 2007 Toronto, Canada Wealth Through Learning
18 2009 Dubai, UAE The Metamorphosis of Banking Institutions over Three Decades
19 2011 Nassau, Bahamas Creating a Progressive Financial Services Environment: Trust, Accountability, Competence & innovation
20 2013 Nairobi, Kenya Frontiers in Financial Services – Ethical Professionalism and Best Practice
21 2015 Seoul, Korea Financial Innovation though Talent Management
22 2017 Lagos, Nigeria Re-Thinking the Future of Banking & Finance and Lifelong Learning



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Professor Segun Ajibola, FCIB, Ph.D.
President, Chairman of Council, CIBN
"I eagerly look forward to welcoming you at the event"

2017 Hosting rights to CIBN

A "toast" to the World from CIBN.

An aerial view of the host city at night.


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